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What’s good about the website? What’s good about the website? Do all good websites adhere to “universal” principles? Or are some aspects of a quality website universal, whereas others differ according to the type or purpose of a website?

Websites are one of a company’s most important assets. An online presence that is credible, professional and active takes patience and work. You know millions of websites are available, so how can you tell your competitors about them?

A great website calls your attention, wakes your emotions and gives you all you need. Here are some important things to consider when constructing the website of your company.


Good websites are well structured and structurally compatible. It’s not confusing; it’s clean and professional. It is built around a market and a public. The website is user-friendly and accessible to the company.

Visitors can better navigate and find the contents of their website by setting up a careful organization. Google can also easily scroll through a clear website structure and index.

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Successful websites make browsing easy and easy to use. Visitors need to find everything they need quickly and easily. If you want to find what you need around the site, then you will be frustrated and disappear. It is therefore important to have an intuitive navigation bar on your website.

You may consider implementing mega menus, also known as the uber menus, depending on the size of your site. This menu type goes beyond the default down menu by allowing you to organize content using columns in your navigation bar.


High-quality websites focus on the needs of your audience and not on what they sell. Good, fresh content creates interest and invites visitors to participate, invite friends to come back and return. Google also values user-related and interesting content, and makes original content an excellent way to create a good website. Some companies choose to do so by writing articles, blog posts or customer pages on their products or events.

However, many websites have their original content, but only optimization and promotion are necessary. For additional information on how to do this, see our article “How to promote existing content on your site!”


Lovely and contemporary design makes a place to be remembered. A good website is built on a topic which corresponds to its market and personality. Excellent design includes a brand and takes user experience into account. Therefore, the design of a website for desktop and mobile devices is extremely important. Finally, good websites are designed for all colorblind and seriously disabled users.


Users will not wait for content to be downloaded slowly; they will need their information quickly and without delay. Most internet users in today’s internet areas know they can return by clicking on and loading the website not as fast as they anticipate. Optimized graphics, video and audio allow for quick website loading.

On the other hand, accelerated mobile pages (AMP) are useful in reducing mobile page speed. This is a project that Google supports to load websites quickly into mobile devices. Speed is a key factor to keep your competitors ahead of them. For more information on website speed, see the following articles:


Messy, obsolete, incorrect or defective code may reduce the visibility of the search engine. Actually, if web designers and marketers look at your website to see what can be improved, they will probably check the code first.

In addition, browser rendering issues can also slow down your website. Validated code will help compatibility with the browser and will ensure that the site has an increased chance of being displayed according to the standards in different browsers. Many online HTML validators can help you verify and enhance your code. Finally, clean code can save you time because problem solving is easier.


Most people are not reading websites, they are scanning them. Contrast and hierarchy make the site easy to view contents for visitors. The contrast between the text color and the website background is very important. Good websites never use colors of black or dark blue or white or yellow background.

Hierarchy helps people to identify important website sections. High quality websites divide content into sections by using headings in order to allow visitors to read their content better and to provide small blocks of text.


An invisible website is a great free website for visitors. SEO or optimization of search engines can help bring the public to the website. It is also important to note that relevant users have an important role to play in developing a website. It is not just about building up a general audience, but helping potential customers value their services and paying for them.

Effective SEO takes time and effort, but improves your site and offers retail value (return on investment). This often happens by implementing strategies like advertising campaigns, optimizing and promoting content quality, backlinking, keyword research and even code revision and purification.


Metrics and analyses of the site provide insights into what is happening on a site. Good sites measure traffic and marketing efficiency. Tracking also helps to better target website customers, generate relevant advertising and create a larger conversion website.

One of the main benefits of the analytical instruments today, after all, is that they enable marketers to see exactly what their customers are doing. These measures can complete an online purchase, complete a form or register for the newsletter. It is important to keep track of what works and does not improve to have a good website.

  1. Construction

Links are an important part of how the search engine results appear on a website. Other sites, including Google Local, Yahoo! Local, Yellow Pages, LinkedIn… The submission of articles to websites relating to your industry is another way to promote and improve the development of links. Most online magazines or blogs allow a link from your article back to your website.

Consider building a link as a reference process for the word-to-mouth cyber universe. If you have links to your website, your leading industry websites are of valuable use and will only be received from potential customers via links outside of your website. An example of this is the industry-specific review pages (such as for home repairs), which help guide visitors through the services provided by your website.

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