External Linking — Linking out to Authority Websites

When doing your On Page SEO, it is important to build links to websites outside your own site that are accessible when you enter your URL.

This applies to all websites with the exception of e-commerce sites where a link can directly take you to an online sales page.

Full background information for Article: external links – external links The term ‘external’ means that such links exist on websites outside your own domain (and thus outside your control).

External website benchmarks

Monitoring and measuring the number of external links against competitors on your website may be an important KPI for businesses relying on inbound Internet traffic to generate businesses.

External website links for best practices

Main search engines use several measurements to determine the value of external links. Moz lists the best practices on the first consumer search page to ensure your website is popular:

Is your page reliable? An important source of trust is links to trust sources, such as websites of major universities and some government websites.

How popular is the external link? Does the Internet matter? A popular website is also linked to many other quality websites externally.

Consider how relevant a link is to the content of your website. Make sure the content is similar between the source page (your website) and the target page.

Also consider what anchor text you use to link out to these websites because it can affect how well your website ranks.

How to monitor links in real time to external websites?

You will want to set up processes to monitor this and other marketing KPIs after you have measured external website links.